We’re Having an Impact! Connection is to Recovery what Breathing is to Life…

In their own words:

Provided two months of medications while in treatment

The Alumni Charity really saved my life… I was at the end of my rope and I couldn’t afford the meds that the doctor was recommending for me. I feel so grateful to have this opportunity to get and stay clean and sober.


Provided two weeks of IOP treatment and housing

I want to thank the funding that was available to me. I needed more time, I was not ready to go yet… If it wasn’t for the funding I don’t know where I would be.


Provided housing while in treatment due to long commute

Staying close and connected allowed me to focus on me and my sobriety. Without the help, I don’t believe I would have been able to discover all that I did about myself, which has aided my recovery.


Provided two weeks of IOP treatment

Ridgeview saved my marriage and my life. I spent four weeks there in IOP and PHP. After two weeks my insurance would not cover any more time there. Thanks to the Ridgeview Alumni Charitable Corporation that awarded me a scholarship I was able to complete the program. I am beyond grateful…


Provided two weeks of IOP treatment

I completed PHP and desperately wanted to continue with IOP but my insurance wasn’t going to pay. My only source of income is my monthly social security disability check. I was the humble and proud recipient of the RACC scholarship which paid for my 2 weeks of IOP in full. The scholarship helped me tremendously and I will forever be grateful.


Provided two weeks of IOP

I cannot even begin to say how thankful I am for the Ridgeview Alumni (RACC) for giving me the opportunity to be able to continue my care, so that I can be the best I can be. The care and compassion shown to me has been so humbling. It’s hard for me to ask for help, but I realized I could not do this by myself. Thank you so very much for everything.



“There was a time when traversing the expanse from darkness to light seemed like an impossible journey. Feeling stuck in the grip of mental illness and addiction kept me from taking the steps to cross over into a new life and a healthy lifestyle. The bridge that led to relief and freedom represented so many things that appeared overwhelming: treatment, therapy, support groups, medication, etc.

Facing that fear and finally facing myself took courage acquired through the gift of desperation. I paid the toll to cross this bridge by enduring years of emotional, mental, and spiritual pain. Self-medicating and escaping reality no longer worked. Looking back from the other side now, I am eternally grateful the bridge was there, and forever thankful others showed me the way.”



Change is going to happen, why not make it a positive one?